Get Your Drag On - Valentine's Day Edition


Last week in season two of Get Your Drag On, our amazing performer of the week brought ALL of the swag! When Oliver Clozoff did a power-slide across the floor, he made ol' Richard feel things! (How DARE he make me feel my own feelings)! We also had a bunch of other memorable moments! Ron Dezvous brought that Long-Haired King realness (His hair flips give me LIFE!), Will Byte brought out the Daisy Dukes (THAT BOOTY, THO!) and Matthew McImagay came floating out in a hand-made, cardboard canoe! Every installment of this season just gets more and more intense!

This week, just for Valentine's day (or as I like to call it, 'Singles Awareness Day'), we have a theme of love, hate and everything in between! Come join us as our performers paint their own picture of what relationships mean to them. Whether you have a date or are going solo, this is a night of shenanigans and glitter that you definitely DON'T want to miss! With Matthew McImagay and Richard Rockhard as hosts and our cast of phenomenal talent, you KNOW you're in good hands! See ya'll next week!


Get Your Drag On is a weekly show and is held every Monday Night as an open stage event for all drag performers in the community. Whether this is your very first time performing or you are a seasoned performer who wants to try out a new idea, the stage is yours! To reserve a spot, send a message to one of your hosts, Matthew McImagay or Richard Rockhard. If you come to the event in drag and with your music in hand, we will get you into the lineup if there is extra space. We look forward to sharing the stage with everyone!

Cover is only $3!
All performers are entered into a random draw for a chance to win $40
ID required


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