Pride at Francklyn Street


[update 03/19: So apparently Halifax Pride just decided to shift Halifax Pride a week later than they had originally posted. The Pride Parade will still be on July 22 but the final Pride events will now be a week later. No matter - our party will still happen on July 22 after the parade, and we might run it longer now that competing events at the Garrison Grounds (ie. WetSpot) probably won't be happening that evening]

It took us a year longer than we had anticipated to get to this point, but it's finally happening.

Please join us for the soft-opening of our home this July 2017, to coincide with the beginning weekend of Halifax Pride. We have a much bigger opening in the works for summer 2018, but it's going to take us a year to get the sound system, lighting, and logistics for that party sorted out.

We are casting this invite out early because some of you are from out of the area and a) are starting to plan your summer travels and have expressed an interest in visiting Halifax; or b) return to Halifax each summer to visit family and have expressed interest in coordinating dates.

More details to come as we get closer to the date.

- James & Geoff

(This is a closed invitation party, but if you have any friends that you would like to bring or who you think we may have missed, please don't hesitate to message us so that we can add them to the invite list. Thanks)
  • 480 Francklyn St, Halifax, NS B3H 1A9, Canada
  • Saturday Jul 22
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